Welcome to Travsome

We are an unusual, curated traveller’s guide for experiencing the best of Sri Lanka, in the best parts of Sri Lanka.

Our core revolves around “curated suggestions” from travellers within the open Travsome Community for culturally immersive experiences. Our community of travelling storytellers are an integral part of what we do; collective ideas and suggestions typically guide newcomers into losing themselves for months on the island with a group of like-minded individuals.

The Travsome Experience

We go by the mantra that tours are for tourists, while travel is reserved for travellers. Real adventure cannot be bought at a travel agent’s desk, but revealed slowly through wet train rides curving around misty mountains; tuk tuk rides into sleepy towns in search of the island’s best cup of tea; hanging on to a community of sun-kissed shoulders on rented scooters making its way to cosy hostels or boutique hotels on the coast; wandering around tea plantations with a thermos full of homemade iced tea; singing a quirky song you made up with like-minded individuals whilst waiting for a local bus going in the direction of a rustic Surf & Yoga Camp.

The Travsome Community

Ever met a group of people for the first time, yet it feels like you’ve known them all your life? This is the type of connection nurtured by the Travsome Community! Free spirits with wanderlust souls coming together to empower and inspire each other through travel. Community is the soul of Travsome , which makes “travel awesome” and, frankly, soulful.

* This is just our starter website. The new and improved version is taking the scenic route to get here.